Electrochemical DNA detection

Invented by scientists from the Laboratoire d’Électrochimie Moléculaire (LEM-Université Paris Diderot), Damien Marchal and Benoit Limoges, DetScan™ is protected by several patents. Based on electrochemistry, it allows a non-optical and parallelised detection of biological molecules (DNA, RNA and proteins).

As many approaches in the biosensor field, DetScan™ technology has the particularity to gather all the advantages of the electronic industry in terms of robustness, cost and miniaturization potential.

Principle of DetScan™

DetScan™ technology is based on a measurement of the interaction between an electrochemical binding probe and a biological molecule.

Technology Principle

Technology Principle
DetScan™ uses a similar principle to that conventionally used in optical applications: the interaction of a compound, in this case electrically active, with biological molecules.


DetScan™ could be considered as a generic technology which allows the development of several applications in detection, analysis and quantification of a biological molecule in a sample.

DetScan™ technology was for the first time described in 2006 for a non-optical real-time PCR experiment using cyclic voltammetry. Since this proof of principle, it has been optimised and adapted to several and daily used applications in molecular biology.

Electrochemical Real-Time PCR experiments

DetScan™ electrochemical DNA detection offers SYBR Green similar sensitivity.

Electrochemical melt curves

DetScan™ electrochemical DNA detection allows melting curves experiments.
Electrophoresis gels are no longer necessary.

Genotyping experiment

Electrochemical DNA detection allows genotyping analysis.

Isothermal amplification experiment

DetScan™ electrochemical DNA detection allows to monitor electrochemically
and in real time an isothermal HDA amplification.

Expand beyond boundaries

  • Electrochemistry used for biological molecules detection is an open gate to new applications.
  • Robustness, miniaturization and low cost procedures are key criteria favoured by new players such as the Diagnostic and the Agro-food industries.
  • In the PCR field, DetScan™ and Leo will lure new users to PCR.


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